Javascript TensorFlow

Finishing the Tensorflow.js Autoencoder project

The Coding Train wraps up his series on the TensorFlow.js autoencoder.

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AI Generative AI

Generative Modeling Applications

Siraj Raval explores generative modeling technology. This innovation is changing the face of the Internet as you read this. It’s now possible to design automated systems that can write novels, act as talking heads in videos, and compose music. In this episode, Siraj explains how generative modeling works by demoing 3 examples that you can […]

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In praise of the autoencoder
Neural Networks TensorFlow

In Praise of the Autoencoder

Of all the machine learning algorithms, the most fascinating are neural networks. They don’t require statistical hypothesis or rigorous data preparation save for normalization. The power of a neural network lies in its architecture, its activation functions, its regularization, etc. Here’s an interesting article exploring a particular kind of neural network: the autoencoder.  The autoencoder […]

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Deep Learning Machine Learning

Fraud Detection Using a Neural Autoencoder

Fraud detection, a common use of AI, belongs to a more general class of problems — anomaly detection. An anomaly is a generic, not domain-specific, concept. It refers to any exceptional or unexpected event in the data: a mechanical piece failure, an arrhythmic heartbeat, or a fraudulent transaction. Basically, identifying a fraud means identifying an […]

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AI Generative AI Neural Networks

Creating Customized Celebrities with AI

YouTuber carykh explores GANs that create customized faces of imaginary celebrities.

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Autoencoders Explained

Autoencoders are a type of neural network that reconstructs the input data its given. Watch this explainer video by Siraj Raval as he explains how autoencoders work.

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