AI Natural Language Processing

What’s new in Text Analytics for Health?

In this video, Ashly Yeo will demo the exciting announcement made at MS Build about What’s new in Text Analytics for Health.

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Deep Dive into C# Async/Await/Task

Take a deep dive into the asynchronous programming style in C# we take a deep diving looking at the state machine that the async keyword spawns. Source: Related Articles

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Technical Overview and Unique Features of Azure Cosmos DB

In this video, discover the unique capabilities and features of Azure Cosmos DB, a fully managed #NoSQL database system for scalable and real-time applications. Product Manager Andrew Liu leads a demo of the key features and then shares common use cases and app scenarios. This includes, real-time IoT telemetry, personalized recommendations, how customers use Azure […]

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AI Data Driven

Asynchronous is the New Customer Experience

In this Data Point, Frank explains why Amazon is winning the retail game and how you should transform your business to serve customers asynchronously or risk being left behind. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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