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Lab-Grown Brain Connects to Microchip, Recognizing Human Voices

This video from Anton Petrov makes me wonder where we are going as a society and as a species. Links:

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How Does A.I. Handle An Astrophysics Final Exam?

This video is from Cool Worlds. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) systems have been rapidly improving in recent years and Chat-GPT3 took the world by storm in Nov 2022. As smart at it may be, how does it compare to a typical undergraduate student sitting an introductory astronomy exam? Let’s find out! Sponsored by Ground News, head […]

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Brian Greene on Quantum Gravity, The Big Bang, Aliens, Death, and Meaning

Brian Greene is a theoretical physicist who also educates the public via his books and documentaries appears on Lex Fridman’s podcast. Time stamps: 0:00 – Introduction 0:27 – Entropy 8:35 – Consciousness 24:54 – Quantum gravity 28:14 – String theory 41:41 – Time 54:13 – Free will 58:36 – Emergence and complexity 1:05:48 – The […]

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How to Nuke a Dangerous Asteroid as a Last Resort

In this video, Anton talks about a new simulation showing that we could use nuclear weapons to protect the planet from certain types of dangerous asteroids Links:

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Why Are There 7 Days In a Week? EXPLAINED

Today is Monday and every seven days, a Monday arrives. But why every 7 days? It’s Okay To Be Smart explains why.

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