Apple Privacy

Why iPhone Takes Your Picture Every 5 Seconds

This video is from Apple Explained. Recently, iPhone users have become afraid that the front facing camera might be taking photos of them every five seconds. As seen in these types of videos. But is iPhone actually taking your photo? And if so, why? Well, it’s true that the infrared camera activates about every five […]

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AI Apple

The Seduction of Apple Intelligence

At WWDC 2024, Apple announced it’s first major AI feature “Apple Intelligence”, which brings a suite of new tools to the iPhone and Mac. Apple has it’s own foundation models, but will also rely on OpenAI in the cloud for certain AI jobs. Yesterday, Apple unveiled what they’re calling “Apple Intelligence,” a leap into integrating […]

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AI Robotics

The Future of Humanoid Robots: A Glimpse into Tomorrow

The year is 2034, and the world as we know it has been transformed by the advent of humanoid robots. This isn’t a scene from a science fiction movie; it’s the reality we’re stepping into, a reality where the lines between human and machine are blurring more with each passing day. The rapid evolution of […]

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Interesting Smartphones

How Smartphones Shrink Our Brains

This video from ColdFusion brings up a good point. Smartphones are so ubiquitous that they almost fade into the background. Everyone has one and nobody thinks twice about them. But what if they were affecting the way our brains function in a very tangible way? That would mean society has been collectively altered and we […]

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AI Generative AI

Did AI Just End Music? (Now it’s Personal) ft. Rick Beato

This video is from ColdFusion. Throughout history, creating a complete piece of music has always been a human process. There have been attempts to compose and render songs using computers before, but frankly they weren’t great. Today, that all changes with two AI music platforms. Udio and Suno. In this episode, we’ll take a look […]

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AI Apple Google

Why Apple & Google’s AI Move Is Big

This video is from Theoretically Media. I don’t think anyone had an Apple and Google Partnership listed on their AI Bingo Card of the week, but here we are! Today I’m unpacking the potential partnership that’s buzzing with possibilities and what it means for the future of AI on your iPhone.

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AI Apple

NEW Apple Vision Pro AI Coming At WWDC | Here’s What We Know

This video is from All Future. AI is slated to come to a ton of Apple devices in June and WWDC. We talk about the implications of Apple’s AI, if it can keep up with Chat GPT, and most importantly how AI will change Apple Vision Pro. Most iPhones will get the AI upgrade but […]

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Privacy Security

Leaked: The Feds Can See Your Notifications

This video from Seytonic points to a disturbing lea. Sources:

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AI Apple Machine Learning

MLX Tutorial: Apple’s Bold Move in Machine Learning Arena!

Discover the power of MLX, the new package from Apple’s Machine Learning team! In this video, Mervin Praison explores how MLX enables your Mac computer to run large language models more efficiently. Get ready to dive into the world of efficient and flexible machine learning with MLX.

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