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Interesting Security

How did the Enigma Machine work?

This video uses 3D animation to go inside the legendary Enigma Machine, which encrypted German military secrets during World War II. Time stamps: 1:01-Encryption 2:42-Engima Machine 4:23-Simple Circuit Example 5:23-Inside the Machine 6:15-Rotors 8:51-Plugboard 10:08-Keyboard Mechanism 12:14-The Circuit 13:15-Circuit Recap 14:38-Rotor Mechanism 17:06-Machine Settings 18:14-Brilliant

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AI Research

Why AI is Harder Than We Think

Yannic Kilcher  explains how the AI community has gone through regular cycles of AI Springs, where rapid progress gave rise to massive overconfidence, high funding, and overpromise, followed by these promises being unfulfilled, subsequently diving into periods of disenfranchisement and underfunding, called AI Winters. This video he explores a paper which examines the reasons for […]

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Interesting Science

Are There Problems That Computers Can’t Solve?

Tom Scott talks about Hilbert’s Decision Problem, Turing’s solution, and a machine that vanishes in a puff of logic.

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Turing Test: Can Machines Think?

Lex Fridman talks about the most impactful computer science paper in history. Discussion of the 1950 paper by Alan Turing that proposed what is now called the Turing Test. This is one of the most impactful papers in the history of AI and the first paper in the AI paper club on our Discord. Join […]

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