How to Ignite Developer Innovation with Vector Search

This episode of the AI Show will uncover the exciting possibilities of vectors in Azure Cognitive Search (preview) in tandem with Azure OpenAI Service functions. Discover how these powerful tools can enhance search capabilities, making your AI solutions smarter and more intuitive. Experience the accuracy and relevance of vector + text “hybrid search,” while tapping […]

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AI Computer Vision Large Language Models

Computer Vision for Digital Scientists and Azure Video Indexer with Chat GPT Integration

First up, Alicia Moniz and Randy Price, PhD are here to demo Climate and Weather Event Monitoring with Azure Cognitive Services and in the second half of the hour, Inbal will be here to talk about Azure Video Indexer’s Power amplified with ChatGPT! Computer Vision Resources: Build a Computer Vision classifier Try out Cognitive […]

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Generative AI R

Unlock the Power of R with Azure Machine Learning and Make Enterprise GPT Real – AI Show Live

In segment 1: Marck Vaisman and Nabila Babar showcase using R with Azure Machine Learning. They’ll talk about what is possible with R today on AzureML using the CLI v2. Walk through an end-to-end example showing key tasks in the ML Lifecycle with R, including environment configuration, model development, and model deployment. Fun fact, I […]

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AI Ethics

Responsible AI Mitigations and Tracker

On this episode of the AI Show, Besmira Nushi and Marah Abdin stop by to demo two new releases as part of the Responsible AI Toolbox. The Responsible AI Mitigations library and Python library for implementing and exploring mitigations for Responsible AI. And the Responsible AI Tracker – JupyterLab extension for tracking, comparing, and validating […]

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AI Azure Large Language Models

The Basics of Prompt Engineering with Azure OpenAI

Did you know the hottest new programming language is English? On this episode of the AI Show, we are excited to welcome Marco Casalaina for a demo on how you can program your own ChatGPT – with natural language. And how prompt engineering really works. Resources: Revolutionize your Enterprise Data with ChatGPT Blog

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Computer Vision

Next-Generation Computer Vision Capabilities with Florence

Adina Trufinescu joins Seth today to introduce Introduce Azure Cognitive Service for Vision and the next-generation Computer Vision Capabilities with Florence and walk us through some of the new features! Resources:

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AI Microsoft Power Apps

AI Builder | A World of AI at Your Fingertips

Rob and Albert welcome Ashish Bhatia to talk about AI Builder. AI has transformed the way we process data, making mundane tasks a thing of the past. Processing documents at scale has been made easier, intelligent and automated with IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) and the power of AI Builder! Come check out how this pre-built […]

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AI Azure

The Latest from Azure Video Indexer

Learn about the latest updates to Azure Video Indexer. Azure Video Indexer is a cloud application, part of Azure Applied AI Services, built on Azure Media Services and Azure Cognitive Services (such as the Face, Translator, Computer Vision, and Speech). It enables you to extract the insights from your videos using Azure Video Indexer video […]

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AI Natural Language Processing

What’s new in Text Analytics for Health?

In this video, Ashly Yeo will demo the exciting announcement made at MS Build about What’s new in Text Analytics for Health.

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Computer Vision Microsoft

Computer Vision for Spatial Analysis

Computer Vision is an Azure Cognitive Service which runs vision AI on images, and is a new feature of the Computer Vision service. It runs Vision AI on live and recorded video streams to understand people’s movement in physical spaces. Learn More: Computer Vision Doc

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