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How to Explain Machine Learning Predictions

Machine Learning has incredible power to revolutionize many industries.  In fact, machine learning algorithms already make decisions that impact your daily life. Unfortunately, the predictive models that are most powerful are usually the least (human) interpretable. In cases like fraud detection, end users need an understandable explanation of a particular...

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Data Visualization Design

Although this talk by Etan Lightstone is from 2013, it’s still relevant and timely for 2017.  After all, the core fundamentals of design and information architecture have not changed and neither has the basic facets of human perception.

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AI Creating Art

Prof. Christian Bauckhage talks about the current state of Artificial intelligence, the creative potential of AI , and the direction of where this research is headed.

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Telling Stories with Data Visualization

At this talk from 2015, Chris Keathley talks bout how designing compelling visuals reveals information about our systems, and in turn allows us to ask new and more interesting questions. Data visualization lives in the intersection of art and science. However knowing how to find the stories in our...

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Data Visualization Best Practices

Here’s a great hour long webcast on how to get the most out of your business intelligence by creating compelling data visualizations that communicate your message and the underlying revelations of your data.

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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Data Science

Python has grown to be an important language data science in recent years. Its ease of use, an active developer and user community and a solid core of scientific libraries all make it an attractive platform for data science and AI work. In this talk, Christine Doig explores data science,...

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AI & Deep Learning At Amazon

Here’s a great online tech talk about AI and Deep Learning at Amazon. In this session: Learn about the breadth of AI services available on the AWS Cloud Gain insight into practical use cases for Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, and Amazon Rekognition Understand why Amazon has selected MXNet as its...