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Introduction to R Programming for Excel Users

In this presentation, Dave Langer illustrates how your knowledge of doing data analyses in Microsoft Excel gives you a unique foundation for quickly learning how to use R in your daily work. Attendees will learn how: Fundamental concepts of Excel (e.g., working with tables, collections of cells, and functions) translate...


Binaural Sound Demo Virtual Reality for Your Ears

In video production, sound plays a larger role than audio.  The same holds true for VR. In this video by BBC Click, explore the technology behind making sound more realistic and interactive. For added fun, make sure you watch the video with headphones on.


Snowflake Data Warehouse in 8 Minutes

Here’s a demo of the DWaaS (Data Warehouse as a Service) product Snowflake. I had a chance to get a closer look at their technology this past week in St. Louis and I was impressed. Check out a quick demo!