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Deep Learning in the Browser

Think that deep learning and neural networks can only happen in sophisticated environments or in some weird virtual petri dish in the cloud? Think again and watch Christoph Koerner talk about running all kinds of neural networks in your browser with Jaavascript with ConvNetJS. ConvNetJS is a JavaScript library for...

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Power BI Desktop Update – March 2017

The March 2017 Power BI Desktop update comes with a few new highly requested features, includes textbox font color, several visual improvements, and previews of report theming, a new matrix visual with major experience updates, and a numeric range slicer.

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How to Generate Your Own Wikipedia Articles with AI

Siraj Raval goes live on YouTube to build an LSTM network in Tensorflow (no Keras) to generate text after training on Wikipedia articles. In this amped up hour long vide, you’ll learn how an LSTM cell works programmatically since we’ll build one using TF’s math functions and how you can...

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FarmBot: Fully Automate Your Garden

If you thought the previous post on adding an Arduino and sensors to your garden was overkill, then you haven’t yet met FarmBot.  FarmBot is an open source hardware and software solution to fully automate your garden. The data scientist in me wants to get my hands on all that...

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Arduino Garden Controller

Technically speaking, today marks the first day of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least).  And with Spring comes time to start gardening. As a geek, I want to try sprinkling some IoT magic to help me grow out a garden.  Here’s an interesting video from someone who’s done just...

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Deadly Truth of General AI

General AI refers to the kind of artificial intelligence that can learn, reason, and perform tasks very much in the same way that humans do. AI will most certainly take your job away, but will they turn deadly as sci-fi moves have led us to believe.  ComputerPhile takes a closer...