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Should Biologists Use Excel

When people think of Excel, naturally they think spreadsheets, but I like to consider Excel the most widely deployed data analytics tool in the world. It’s a “gateway drug” if you will into the world of Data Science. OMGenomics asks whether or not biologists can make use of this tool...


Data Science Daily for June 16, 2017 – Facebook Gets Bots to Negotiate, Word2Vec, and 25 Billion Virtual Galaxies

Here are the top Data Science stories for June 16, 2017. Listen to the full episode here: Data Science Daily Show Notes @BourseetTrading #Facebook #AI Enables #Bots to Negotiate, Compromise @facebook #FAIR #IoT #ML #analytics #bigdata … @CNNnews18 @gcosma1 Word2Vec (skip-gram neural network model): PART 1 – Intuition...


Building 21st Century Data Science and Data Engineering Teams

Data Science and Data Engineering are two new professions that are joining the long list of new ways of describing the jobs in the data analytics space. As these professions make their way into the enterprise, the lines between them blur. Polong Lin shares his insights in this talk.