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Journalist Dares Expert Hackers to Hack Him

Here is a fascinating look into online security. Set around DEFCON, a journalist asks professional hackers to hack him and it’s a fascinating look into how vulnerable the modern world is. It may even be easier than you think.


Web Development In 2017

The web developer world moves fast.  Today’s hot skills are the punch lines to jokes a year later or, at best, relegated to the dust bin of web history. Here’s a great overview of the skills needed to be a top notch web developer in 2017.


Introduction to R Programming for Excel Users

In this presentation, Dave Langer illustrates how your knowledge of doing data analyses in Microsoft Excel gives you a unique foundation for quickly learning how to use R in your daily work. Attendees will learn how: Fundamental concepts of Excel (e.g., working with tables, collections of cells, and functions) translate...