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Creating a Twitter Searching App in UWP

My latest article in MSDN Magazine is out today! I wanted to create something that provided the functionality of the old TweetDeck with features that I needed. . How to Create a Twitter Searching App in UWP Currently, I manage several YouTube channels that source content from tweets marked with...

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Drag and Drop for Surface Hub Apps

In this continuation of videos about designing for the Surface Hub, Dr Neil shows off how to drag & drop and direct manipulation to their sample UWP app. Code and slides are at

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Exploring the UWP Community Toolkit

My latest MSDN article is available online and it covers the UWP Community Toolkit.   From the article: The goal of the UWP Community Toolkit is to engage the developer community to create a series of controls and helper functions to simplify UWP development. The UWP Community Toolkit has five...

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Barnacules Reviews the Surface Studio

Barnacules Nerdgasm conducts a full review of the Microsoft Surface Studio. He’s a former Microsoft employee and is known for his brutally honest reviews. Let’s see what he thinks. I still want one, though.