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8 Amazing Uses of VR That Will Blow Your Mind

I’ve long been a fan of VR and have weathered through the many false starts through the years.  From VRML to Adobe Atmosphere, I’ve been on this bus before. However, this time there’s a difference and, no, it’s not the obvious improvements in processing power and lower costs. This time,...

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Let us hope that this video, HYPER-REALITY from Keiichi Matsuda, does not reflect the future of augmented reality.

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The Four New Types of Reality

First, there was reality. Then came virtual reality, followed my augmented reality. Now, we have two more realities to add to the mix.     [found via Twitter]

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The Future of VR Gaming

This innovative virtual reality headset and 360 degree treadmill provide a truly immersive gaming experience. Could we be looking at the future of gaming? If so, gaming would become a healthy pasttime.