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8 Amazing Uses of VR That Will Blow Your Mind

I’ve long been a fan of VR and have weathered through the many false starts through the years.  From VRML to Adobe Atmosphere, I’ve been on this bus before. However, this time there’s a difference and, no, it’s not the obvious improvements in processing power and lower costs. This time,...

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Let us hope that this video, HYPER-REALITY from Keiichi Matsuda, does not reflect the future of augmented reality.

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The Four New Types of Reality

First, there was reality. Then came virtual reality, followed my augmented reality. Now, we have two more realities to add to the mix.     [found via Twitter]

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The Future of VR Gaming

This innovative virtual reality headset and 360 degree treadmill provide a truly immersive gaming experience. Could we be looking at the future of gaming? If so, gaming would become a healthy pasttime.

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Lower Cost Windows 10 VR Headsets Coming

PC World Magazine is reporting that Microsoft let slip a little more information about its plans for affordable Windows 10 virtual reality headsets rolling out in 2017 as part of the Creators Update. The Windows Insider Preview build 14971, rolled out last week, added a new app called Windows Holographic...