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Adobe Character Animator Tips & Tricks for February 2017

Watch how animators have used Character Animator for cartoon movie reviews, Spanish lessons, and Claymation scientists. Also learn about picking up and interacting with objects, getting better external audio files for clear lip sync results, multiple dangle behaviors, the new ideas portal, and a detailed walkthrough of how eyes work.

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5 Tips on How To Get Noticed on YouTube in 2017

There once was a time when any kid lip syncing or crying into a webcam became an internet sensation and gain millions of views. In case you haven’t noticed, that is no longer the case. Here’s a great series of tips on getting noticed in a very crowded YouTube marketplace.

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Happy Birthday Frank’s World TV

Today, I recorded a very special Frank’s World TV Live at the Frank’s World Monument in Germantown, MD. Well, it’s not really decorated in honor of Frank’s World, but I can dream. Inspired by the momentous occasion of me uploading the very first video of FWTV to YouTube on this...