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How to Start a Startup Lecture Series

In this series of lectures filmed at Stanford University, you can learn all you need to know about founding your own startup in one YouTube playlist. Definitely worth watching.


Top Accelerators Discuss BizSpark Plus‏

BizSpark is a great program that’s only gotten even better. Recently, the team behind BizSpark announced that you get $120,000 in Azure credits with BizSpark Plus. Here’s an interesting video of folks from top accelerators around the US talking about what BizSpark means to their member startups.


Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Comes Closer to Reality

Speaking of Elon Musk, his plan to disrupt rail transit has made a big step closer to becoming reality. Like many of his endeavors, the project, known as the Hyperloop, was immediately praised and ridiculed. Unveiling his design in a preliminary technical paper called Hyperloop Alpha, Musk set out the...


How BIG is Tesla Motors?

Although widely admired for its entrepreneurial spirit, most people think of Tesla as a very small player in the car market. In this YouTube video about Tesla Motors, you’ll learn that it’s a bigger company than you may imagine.


The Six Essentials of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

Microsoft Research has posted this video of Amy Wilkinson talking about how some people turn ideas into enterprises or initiatives that endure and why some people succeed when so many others fail. Over the course of five years, Amy Wilkinson conducted rigorous interviews and analyzed research across many different fields....