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This AI Will Understand What You’re Doing and Why

Infi was created by a Tel-Aviv based startup that has spent the last 3 years.  infi’s algorithm analyzes information entered by  users and in addition, presents users with various questions, gathering more data about them. “Big deal,” you may be thinking. Doesn’t Facebook do this? Well, this is what sets...

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Machine Learning Incubator Demo Day

Day 2 of Machine Learning Month Last night was the internal Microsoft-only preview event of tonight’s Machine Learning Incubator Demo Day. Here’s my quick video recap I posted last night on my Facebook page: The line up of startups was pretty incredible and their products ranged from world improving to...

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The 5 Best Languages to Learn in a Changing World Economy

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re looking for a competitive advantage, then you should consider becoming fluent (or at least competent) in these five languages. Mandarin Chinese Arabic Spanish Russian Portuguese Surprised at some of the choices? Watch the video for a complete explanation.    

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Venture Cafe Overview

Here’s an overview of a great space for innovators and startups in the Boston area. #DCTech should take notes.

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Behind the D.C. Tech Revolution, Pelonkey Changing How DC Parties, and JavaScript Crash Course

Show Notes @andrewrgunther “Behind the D.C. Tech Revolution” by @TGurgick … #DCTech @DCInnoTech How @DJNeekola will use her #startup @Pelonkey to change how DC parties  #dctech @CIEGAL @lkthrock This Woman Is the Venture Capitalist Every Va. Startup Wants to Meet … via @DC_Inno @dcvcjen #DCTech @EntrepreneurVT @TechCocktail...

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What Defines a Company’s Culture, Who Raised Money This Week and What’s Next for 1776?

#DCTech Minute Show Notes 1. @MariesaKDale 80% of your company’s culture will be defined by its core leaders. #DCTech 2. @DC_Inno New Money – @KlowdTelevision raises $635K with its cable-cutting channel service: — $DCVC #dctech 3. @DC_Inno New Money – These DC Companies Raised Millions This Week:

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Tim Ferriss’ Top 10 Rules For Success

If you don’t know who Tim Ferris is, then I suggest you Google him with Bing and check out what’s he’s accomplished. In this video, he shares his top ten rules for success. If you prefer reading over watching, here’s his list. Have other interests Scratch your own itch Learn...