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What Can the Venetian Empire Teach Us About Innovation

Aside from being the inspiration of a hotel and casino in Las Vegas, the Venetian Empire controlled a great deal of world trade and lead the Western World in technological innovation.  It was, if you will, the Silicon Valley of its day. The Harvard Business Review has an insightful article...


50 LA Startups to Watch in 2017

Proving that innovation can happen in more than one or two places in the world, here’s a list of 50 startups to watch in 2017. Among the list are game studios, media companies, and an auto tech startup. In case you missed, it here’s a 2017 startup watch list for...


The Future of Technology & Entrepreneurship

Michael Moritz, Chairman of Sequoia Capital hosts a fireside chat with Patrick Collison (Cofounder & CEO, Stripe), and Apoorva Mehta (Founder & CEO, Instacart). Their discussion centers on the future of engineering and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.