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Why Can’t My Town Be the Next Silicon Valley?

What makes Silicon Valley a hub for startups and innovation?  What created it? And what can other cities and locations do to foster more innovation? When I was working as an evangelist for Microsoft, these questions came up a lot. There was always a civic leader, politician, policy maker, etc who...


Eric Schmidt on Structuring Teams that Can Rapidly Scale

Here’s an interesting interview with Eric Schmidt about his experience in rapidly scaling up companies. Fun Fact: I have a friend who used to work with Eric’s brother and I said hello to him once via speakerphone. This was 1996 and I did not realize the enormity of the moment...


What Can the Venetian Empire Teach Us About Innovation

Aside from being the inspiration of a hotel and casino in Las Vegas, the Venetian Empire controlled a great deal of world trade and lead the Western World in technological innovation.  It was, if you will, the Silicon Valley of its day. The Harvard Business Review has an insightful article...