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5000th Post

Not too long ago, I celebrated the 4500 post to this blog. With this humble post, this blog hits the milestone of 5000 posts! And that called for a celebratory video.

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As 2016 Ends I Eagerly Await 2017

Ten years ago tonight, after an extremely challenging year personally, I wrote a blog post about an optimist and a pessimist on New Year’s Eve. I once read that optimists eagerly await New Year’s Day to see a new year come in and pessimists do the same to make sure...

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Merry Christmas!

WPIX Archives shares this Christmas message.  While it dates to the 70’s, he could just as easily be speaking to us today. Merry Christmas from

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Going Rogue

In case you’ve not heard, my position at Microsoft was eliminated. I spent the last three months working on home renovation projects and studying data science. Now it’s time to start the search for my next big adventure. In the meantime I also started a .NET User Group and, when...

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4500th Post

This is the 4500th post since I started blogging regularly in 2004. While 4500 isn’t a particularly well known for milestones.  I missed the 4000th and haven’t said anything about blog post count since I hit the 3500th post. It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US and, the Christmas music...

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Happy 21st Birthday to Frank’s World

Twenty-one years ago tonight, I uploaded the first edition of Frank’s World. From its origins in the Bronx, to adventures across Europe; from surviving 9/11 to the joys of parenthood, it’s been one really amazing ride. Thanks to everyone who has inspired me over the years! If Frank’s World were...

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Requiescat in Pace XAML Kitty

Earlier this week, Abby the cat, better known as “XAML Kitty,” passed away. She appeared in many of my Silverlight/WPF/Blend era slide decks. She had a naturally calm demeanor and was a total ham for the camera.  I used her in a few memes. She will be missed

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Chipped a Bone

Looks like it could be a while before I can type a lot again. This might be a good time to test out the accessibility features of various software products.