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Uber Launches an AI Lab

There are few companies that have as much to gain from the self-driving car than Uber and they know it. To these ends, they are putting together an AI Lab to make it happen. They’ve got some serious brain power lined up, too. The lab will be based in Silicon...

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Will Robots Soon Be Folding Your Laundry?

When I was in eighth grade, I remember a teacher telling us students that all the big inventions have already been done. She used the example of the dishwasher and said, “When I was a kid washing dishes, I wished we had a machine that washed dishes. And now we...

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Five Amazing Robots

This video focuses on five state of the art robotics projects: Atlas, Spot, Cheetah, Pepper, and ASIMO. Wow. Just wow.

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The Quest For Lifelike Robots Infographic

While the robots that may soon be taking over people’s jobs, do not look human, that doesn’t mean robotics researchers have given up on the quest to make lifelike robots. Here’s a timeline infographic     [h/t to Evan Kirstel]