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Easy IoT with the Tessel 2

In this episode of the Maker Show, Jeremy Foster introduces the Tessel 2, a cool little IoT device makes development really easy. You can write your app using JavaScript (or even TypeScript!).

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Express Joins NodeJS Foundation Incubator, Multi-Player Game in NodeJS, and Chuck Norris Meets Slack

#NodeJS Minute Show Notes @techjunkiejh Online Event Calendar with #nodejs #JavaScript #coding @VisualStudio Follow along w/ the fun. @dwcares walks through building a multi-player game.  #Azure #nodejs @sdtimes The Node.js Foundation is looking to help one of the most popular Node.js frameworks Express  #NodeJS @DBaker007 Building a...

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NodeJS Minute Returns, 2016 is the Year for Node, and a Conversation on Patterns

#NodeJS Minute Show Notes @derickbailey A conversation on patterns, practices and system architecture in #NodeJS … @ExcellaCo Despite humble beginnings, #nodejs has proven itself a powerhouse. @duluca shows the score in his latest article #js

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Node.js Tooling for Visual Studio Walkthrough

If you love Node.js, but miss having a rich IDE to write code with, then you’re in luck. With Node.js tools for Visual Studio, you get the power of Node.js with the efficiency of Visual Studio. In this video from Channel9, Sara Itani walks through the product.  

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Connecting NodeJS to Office 365 APIs

In this episode of the Office Dev Show, learn how to get started building a NodeJS app that connects into the Office 365 unified APIs. If you like what you see, then you can find the code samples are available here on GitHub.

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Node.js support for Azure Mobile Apps

Chris Anderson from the Mobile Apps team talks about the newly released Node SDK for Azure Mobile Apps. This SDK allows you to build and run Node.js-based mobile backends, giving you the full power of Node.js without sacrificing the turnkey experience of Azure Mobile Services. They even open sourced the...

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NodeJS 4’s Release Heals Community Rift, Turn a Raspberry Pi into Dev Server and Top Overlooked Security Threats to Node.js

#NodeJS Minute Show Notes 1. @_ericelliott HUGE: Node 4.0 (Stable) heals the Node/iojs rift, adds first class ARM support & long-term stability: … #nodejs #js 2. @msdevUK How to turn your #RaspberryPi into a development server: (via @toptalllc) #NodeJS 3. @programmableweb How To Create a RESTful #API with...

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NodeJS Minute Returns

#NodeJS Minute Show Notes 1. @davemanthan Up and running with Express (Express series 1) … #express @nodejs #nodejs 2. ‏@treehouse We’ve released an exciting new course: Express Basics with @hstnhdngr: #expressjs #nodejs 3. @jeremylikness Unit testing #AngularJs from #NodeJs “Like a boss.” 4. @jeremylikness Building Your First...

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Guardian NodeJs Module

Did you ever want to add a news feed to your app, but didn’t think it was worth the effort? Well, think again: Liam Kaufman has  published  this nifty little module, which pulls in news items from the Guardian. The guardian-news module provides a thin wrapper around request.js to the...