Apple IoT

How to Go small with Embedded Swift

Looks like Apple is dipping its toes into the IoT space. Embedded Swift brings the safety and expressivity of Swift to constrained environments. Explore how Embedded Swift runs on a variety of microcontrollers through a demonstration using an off-the-shelf Matter device. Learn how the Embedded Swift subset packs the benefits of Swift into a tiny […]

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IoT Security

IoT Hacking – Polycom Conference Phone – Firmware Extraction

In this video Matt Brown discusses the device firmware extraction of a Polycom conference phone device.

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IoT Linux Raspberry Pi

Alpine Linux on Raspberry Pi Basics: Using 1-Wire Sensors

This video is from XtendedGreg. Today we are going to get started with another interface called 1-wire. It is a lot less complex than many other interfaces, but has a host of sensors that are available to use it. I will be showing you two examples based on a DS18B20 temperature sensor in both python […]

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Three Laws of Edge Computing

Prior to writing the article, I streamed this for FranksWorldTV.

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AI Hardware IoT

Unpacking the Three Laws of the Edge: Insights from Intel Vision 2024

Over the last few years, the concept of edge computing has emerged as a game-changer, promising to reshape how we process, analyze, and leverage data in real-time. At the Intel Vision 2024 keynote, an intriguing framework was introduced that captures the essence and challenges of edge computing: the Three Laws of the Edge. (Not to […]

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Fusing Real-Time AI With Digital Twins

This video is from NVIDIA. Discover the AI that’ll drive the next phase of industrial automation—how it’ll be developed, refined, and first deployed in simulation in digital twins. Complex AI is being tested in real time inside an Omniverse digital twin of a warehouse, showcasing AI that’s been developed inside this digital twin. It’s a […]

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AI Computer Vision IoT Virtual Reality

100% Open-Source AI Glasses Only $349 (with OpenAI & Perplexity)

Frame is a new, open-source pair of AI glasses that looks promising. I’m thinking about buying a pair to try them out. I love all of these new AI devices and want to try them all, and I’m incredibly excited because this is open-source.

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IoT Maker Raspberry Pi

The All-New Orange Pi 5 Pro Has 32GB Of Ram & A Fast ARM CPU! First Look

Tired of sluggish SBCs holding you back? Buckle up, techies, because the Orange Pi 5 Plus 32GB is here to blow the doors off. This video from ETA PRIME explains that this ain’t your grandma’s single-board computer.

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IoT Maker

Arduino Course for Everybody

Master the Arduino, a versatile electronics platform, through this comprehensive video course for beginners. Learn the fundamentals, build hands-on projects, explore advanced concepts, and harness the power of input devices to create your own electronic creations. ✏️ Course developed by @mathew2005 💻 Source Code: This video is from

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IoT Red Hat

Customizing Red Hat Edge Devices for your use cases

Ricardo Noriega deSoto and Miguel Angel Ajo, both of Red Hat, discuss paths to building out powerful customized edge devices for medical, agricultural, and industrial environments with Red Hat Edge Devices.

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