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From the Maker Movement to a New Industrial Revolution

In this video, Chris Anderson explains how the Maker Movement is now scaling up to create a new class of manufacturing entrepreneurship that will create a “Long Tail of Stuff.” He shares his own experience going from a Maker hobbyist to the CEO of 3D Robotics, which has in three...

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Top 10 Arduino Projects

Here’s a video list of top 10 Arduino projects, including making your own Arduino out of components.  How meta!

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The Industrial Internet of Things at Gaithersburg .NET Meetup

Inspired by our post Meetup discussion in December, we’re talking about IIoT tomorrow night, Gaithersburg.NET Meetup will have a talk on the Industrial IoT. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Abstract Our follow-up topic this month is to go a little deeper and discuss the Industrial Internet of Things(IIOT). What...

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IoT at the Core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Recently, I was asked why I have such passion and interest in IoT, Data Science, and AI.  I explained that the technology trends that are going to reshape our world are all interrelated.  IoT devices create mass quantities of data, so much so that the only way to make any...

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Smart Chillers, Technicians, and the Industrial Internet of Things

Here’s an interesting video and article about connected chillers, cost savings, and the impact IoT can have on industry. Consider the following: With buildings consuming 47 percent of global energy and about half of that coming from chillers, keeping on top of chiller performance is critical, not just for efficiency,...