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How To Convert WiFi to Wired Internet

Did you need to create a wireless network bridge? Sure, you can buy one, but where’s the fun in that? Here’s a handy DIY guide to re-purpose an old router to do the trick.

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Life Pro Tip:

Do you use Facebook Messenger, but hate the vitriol of political discourse and the highly distractive nature of Facebook, but use their instant messaging features? Go to and log in with your Facebook credentials for the answer to all some of your social media frustrations. It’s a web version of...

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Facebook Introducing Live Audio

No, that’s not a typo. Facebook will soon let users live stream audio.  While this may not seem revolutionary compared to live streaming video, you may want to rethink that. Granted, I am a fan of live streaming video.  I see this as a welcome change from the 80s mantra...

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Radio Garden

Are you learning another language?  If you’ve moved to another city/state/country, are you homesick? Then you may want to check out Radio Garden, a site that makes the radio stations of the world accessible on a worldwide map. I can listen to stations back in NYC or, if I miss...

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Interactive Undersea Cable Map

We tend not to think of the physical infrastructure underpinning the virtual space of the internet. At least that is until something breaks. Here’s a fascinating, interactive look at the undersea fiber optic cables connecting the world. It looks a bit like a subway map, which I suppose is appropriate....

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Cancer Detection via Search Queries?

The other day, after learning about a relative who was terminally ill with cancer, I implored people to use machine learning to solve the big problems. It turns out that I’m not alone: scientists at Microsoft have demonstrated that by “analyzing large samples of search engine queries they may in...