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An Animated History of Writing

YouTube is an amazing gift to human knowledge. Embedded with the cat videos, angst-ridden teens, and meme tomfoolery, there are educational videos. Including this one about the history of writing that inspired my son to create a science project on the history of the alphabet. Below is the animated documentary...


What Can the Venetian Empire Teach Us About Innovation

Aside from being the inspiration of a hotel and casino in Las Vegas, the Venetian Empire controlled a great deal of world trade and lead the Western World in technological innovation.  It was, if you will, the Silicon Valley of its day. The Harvard Business Review has an insightful article...


Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Imagine waking up to this news. 75 years ago that’s exactly the news that shook the world and lives of everyday Americans. My grandfather, who was scheduled to leave the Army in 1942, suddenly found himself on the front lines.  He didn’t come home until 1945, but at least he...