RISC-V 2023 Update: From Embedded Computing to Data Center & Desktop

ExplainingComputers‘ RISC-V annual update. Includes developments from NASA, Google, MIT, RISC-V International, Renesas, Espressif, Ventanna, Tenstorrent, Alibaba / T-Head, Ubuntu, StarFive, SiFive, Pine64, Sipeed and Intel.

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Future Hardware Research

Get the Inside Scoop on Neuromorphic Computing Part 1

Computer design has always been inspired by biology, especially the brain. In this episode of Architecture All Access – Mike Davies, Senior Principal Engineer and Director of Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Lab – explains the relationship of Neuromorphic Computing and understanding the principals of brain computations at the circuit level that are enabling next-generation intelligent devices […]

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Hardware Quantum Computing Science

Cosmic Rays Kill Supercomputers. New Solution Explained

In this video Anastasi In Tech discusses how Cosmic Rays are Killing Supercomputers and Quantum Computers. Then she talks about new solutions to the problem. The paper: Distributed quantum error correction for chip-level catastrophic errors: https://arxiv.org/abs/2203.16488

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AI Hardware

How Nvidia Grew From Gaming To AI Giant, Now Powering ChatGPT

This video from CNBC provides a fascinating look at Nvidia. Thirty years ago, Taiwan immigrant Jensen Huang founded Nvidia with the dream of revolutionizing PCs and gaming with 3D graphics. In 1999, after laying off the majority of workers and nearly going bankrupt, the company succeeded when it launched what it claims as the world’s […]

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Hardware Security

3 HACKING gadgets you have to TRY!!

In this video, NetworkChuck shows you how to create 3 hacking projects with a Raspberry Pi Zero W (Raspberry Pi 0 W). These projects include the P4wnP1 A.L.O.A., the pwnagotchi and Kali Linux.

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Apple Hardware Mobile


Around six months ago, I purchased a MacBook with an M2 chip on it. I was expecting somewhat better battery life, but not life changing more battery life. Allow me to explain. Outlet Hunting We’ve all been there: whether it’s at an airport or a tech conference, we all have become accustomed to hunting for […]

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Maker Networking

How to make WiFi Router UPS

Signal Mastar Diy shows us how to make WiFi Router UPS and more. In this video I will show you how to make a new zero second pulse mini UPS, which will run without WiFi router and AC power, How to make a fast relay module.

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Hardware Raspberry Pi

Build A Raspberry Pi NAS For $35 Using All New Parts

In this video, Michael Klements builds a Raspberry Pi based NAS using all new parts for only $35. This is obviously not going to be fast or have a significant amount of storage, but it’ll be great for a first-time NAS build to learn how they work and how to set them up.

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Hardware Science

New IBM Device Accelerates AI with Chemistry !

In this video Anastasi In Tech discusses a new IBM device which speeds up AI Computing with Chemistry!

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