AI Networking

something is slowing down AI.

Dive into the heart of the AI networking battleground where the demand for speed and efficiency tests the limits of technology. This video from NetworkChuck unravels the complexities of training AI models, highlighting the network bottlenecks that slow down progress and how innovations like RDMA, RoCE, ECN, and PFC are pivotal in the quest for […]

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Interesting Networking

How Optical Fiber Connected the World

This video from Asianometry explains how fiber optics changed our world.

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AI Data Driven Hardware

Devvret Rishi on Powering Real-World AI with Declarative AI and Open Source

In this episode, Frank sits down and talks with Devvret Rishi on powering real-world AI projects with declarative ML and the importance of open source. Andy was not able to attend this recording, but will be back next week! Show Notes Go to the episode page on Data Driven for all the meta data. Speaker […]

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Hardware Livestream

Adventures in PC Hardware

This video is from FranksWorldTV.

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Hardware Networking

Wi-Fi 7 is HERE – Find Out Why It’s Awesome

This video is from ThioJoe.

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AI Hardware

These AI Accelerator Cards Hope To Be The Next 3dfx

This video is from PCWorld. AI was a huge topic at CES 2024, and there is a crop of companies showing off desktop-based accelerator solutions that hope to make huge waves in the market – ala 3dfx.

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Hardware Security

How to Build a Powerful Home SIEM Lab Without Hassle! (Step by Step Guide)

This video is from Gerald Auger, PhD – Simply Cyber. Welcome to your one-stop guide for building a Free valuable Home SIEM Lab quickly and efficiently! This tutorial will help aspiring SOC analysts get practical experience without having the job yet. Get Ahead in Your Cybersecurity Career: Practical experience is key in the cybersecurity field. […]

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Networking Security

3 Levels of WiFi Hacking

This video is from NetworkChuck. WiFi hacking is very much still a thing performed by both white hat and black hat hackers. In this video, NetworkChuck will demonstrate how hackers might hack a wifi network from three different levels or perspectives, a Noob, Hipster and Pro. All of the wireless attacks demonstrated in this video […]

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Linux Networking

Why You Need to Learn tmux RIGHT NOW!!

This video is from NetworkChuck. I just started using Tmux……it’s amazing! If you use a terminal or CLI in any capacity Tmux will 10x your productivity in 10 seconds. From creating multiple panes and windows with ease to leaving your terminal sessions active as you switch between machines Tmux is a must have in your […]

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