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Unboxing a Quantum Computer

Linus Tech Tips unboxes a quantum computer. Yes, you read that right: a quantum computer. It’s not your typical unboxing, but then again, quantum computers are not your typical computer.


How Green Screen Worked Before Computers

Did you ever wonder how green screens (better known in the past as compositing) worked before computers? In this video, Tom Scott takes you back to a time before After Effects.


Introduction to Quantum Computing

By now, you may have heard of quantum computing.  In this Channel9 video watch Ilyas Khan talk about the core concepts of quantum computing. Ilyas is the Founder and CEO of Cambridge Quantum Computing (“CQC”). CQC is the world’s leading independent quantum algorithm developer and also has a strong focus...


Giant Lego Blocks for Your Home

They are called EverBlocks and they look like so much fun. Sure, they do practical things, like partition rooms, but I foresee a lot of folks having a a lot of fun with them! I just have one thing to say:


Tested Visits the Shenzhen Electronics Market

Simone Giertz walks through the famous Shenzhen electronics market and explains what she found interesting about the marketplace, and shows off some of her finds from the trip! That place looks like it’s CES everyday!