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Dell 8K Monitor: Gaming in 8K?

First came HD, then 4k, and now 8K is a thing. That’s right you can now get a monitor with 8K of resolution, if you’re willing to shell out the cash to be on the cutting edge. Good luck finding 8K content. Marques Brownlee has an in depth review of...


Spatial Audio Capabilities for Xbox and Windows

Here’s an interesting talk about the upcoming spatial audio features for Windows and XBox games.  Spatial audio, or 3D audio, adds an extra bit of realism to games by adding spatial cues to sounds.  Watch this video from the recent Game Developers Conference to find out more.


Unity Navigation

This is part 2 of an ongoing series on Channel9 about Unity Game development.  (Watch Part 1) Check it out!


Tested Visits the Shenzhen Electronics Market

Simone Giertz walks through the famous Shenzhen electronics market and explains what she found interesting about the marketplace, and shows off some of her finds from the trip! That place looks like it’s CES everyday!