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Smartsuit Pro Motion Capture Suit

Here’s a demo video of a new kind of motion capture suit, a kind that would not require a special studio to do motion capture. This has application not only in games, but also for virtual reality and augmented reality development.


Dell 8K Monitor: Gaming in 8K?

First came HD, then 4k, and now 8K is a thing. That’s right you can now get a monitor with 8K of resolution, if you’re willing to shell out the cash to be on the cutting edge. Good luck finding 8K content. Marques Brownlee has an in depth review of...


SSD Life Expectancy

Most laptops (and higher end desktops) these days ship with SSDs, or Solid State Drives. As they have no moving parts like traditional hard drives, they are faster and consume less power.  Here’s a deep dive from Explaining Computers about the technology behinds SSDs.