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Happy Birthday Frank’s World TV

Today, I recorded a very special Frank’s World TV Live at the Frank’s World Monument in Germantown, MD. Well, it’s not really decorated in honor of Frank’s World, but I can dream. Inspired by the momentous occasion of me uploading the very first video of FWTV to YouTube on this...


Introducing FWTV Live

If you’ve subscribed to Frank’s World TV on Facebook, you have probably noticed that I’ve been creating a lot of live streams lately. After much experimentation, I now present Frank’s World TV Live


Could Lowes or Home Depot Become Maker Hot Spots?

Even a casual, non-techie observer walking through the aisles of a hardware store today will notice the intrusion of tech into the hardware market. This begs the question: why aren’t big box and locally owned hardware stores doing more to woo the Maker crowd?