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Speaking at Silver Linings Cloud Conference

I’ll be presenting at the Silver Linings Conference on Data Science. Here are my three sessions. Fear and Loathing in Data Science We hear it every day: the explosion of data, the promise of data analytics, the rise of artificially intelligent systems that will take everyone’s job away. In the...


More Hack4Congress Photos

Here are some more photos of the #Hack4Congress event happening this week in DC. Representative Farenthold (R-TX) stops by to give advice to one of the teams Coffee: the official fuel of hackathons everywhere Mock Longworth Building hallway.   Walking down the mock hallway.   One of the rooms along...


Photos from Hack4Congress DC

Kick Off Panel The friendly welcoming committee Panelists (watch the stream)   Reception Afterwards Hackathon   Senator Ron Wyden speaks about the technology challenges in Congress   Team formation and hacking begins!


Here is When BUILD 2015 Will Start in Your Time Zone

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can watch the Build 2015 keynote live no matter where you are in the world. The only question is when. The event is set to kick off tomorrow at 9AM Pacific Time. In case you’re not sure when that is were you...


Build 2015 and Hacking 4 Congress

This week in San Francisco is Build 2015, where there’s sure to be lots of interesting stuff shown off. However, this year I won’t be there, as I will be at #Hack4Congress DC, which takes place at the exact same time on different sides of the country. If you’re out...