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7 Amazing and Innovative Drones

Here’s an interesting video highlighting 7 innovative drones, including a couple which can not only fly in the air, but also swim underwater. Sadly, some of these drones are from dead Kickstarter projects.

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FPV to Space and Back

Here’s an amazing project  where David Windestål uses a weather balloon to send a remote control airplane up to the edge of space and then pilot it back down to earth using FPV (first person video). Impressive. Most impressive.  Project details are online, if you’re curious about the details.

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Hacking the AR parrot Drone

Guada Casuso talks with Bahram about hacking the AR Parrot drone. Sending code that can run on devices flying around the sky is both cool and frightening.  More proof that we are living in the future.

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Developing Software for Parrot Drones

IGuada Casuso is back with Divya on the Drones Garage show to talk about developing for the Parrot platform. Anyone else here excited about coding your drones? Let me know in the comments what your plans are!