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Shading Methods in Adobe Illustrator

Like all the Adobe Creative Suite tools, Illustrator has everything needed for professional graphic design.  However, its learning curve can be steep. Fortunately, here’s a great tutorial on how to shade and create complex gradients using the gradient and mesh tools.


First Look at Project Felix

Adobe releases another tool as part of the Creative Cloud Suite and this time it’s Project Felix. Project Felix makes designing 3D objects and imagery much more approachable to graphic designers. While the video doesn’t state this explicitly, it’s not hard to see how this could be used to create...


Adobe Character Animator Tips & Tricks for January 2017

Adobe Character Animator is a truly groundbreaking product, combining facial recognition with animation tooling is an idea worthy of a Nobel Peace prize. If you’re already familiar with it, you’ll definitely appreciate the amazing tutorials that OK Samurai has put together, including his monthly tips & tricks video. (Watch December’s)...


It’s About User Experience Not the Bots

I just found out that ChatBots Magazine exists and it has this insightful article about the purpose of chat bots. From the article: If you’ve been following any tech news over the past year, you’ve probably heard some variation (or many) of the phrase “Bots are the new apps.” These...


Adobe Character Animator Tips & Tricks

If you’ve not seen Adobe Character Animator, then you definitely have to check it out. If you’re already familiar with it, then you’ll appreciate some of the amazing work that OK Samurai has put together, including a monthly tips & tricks video. Here is his latest. Prepare to be blown...