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Learn Python Through Public Data Hacking

What could possibly be more fun than learning Python? Why learning Python by hacking on open public datasets, of course! Learn Python basics by reading files, scraping the web, building data structures, and analyzing real world data. By the end, you will not only learn a thing or two, you...

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List of Public Data Sets

If you’re looking for data to play with, parse, or process, then here’s a great big list of public data sets I found via Data Science Central. Useful for aspiring Data Scientists and Civic Tech hackers alike, have at them and build something great! Copied below for convenience. Agriculture U.S....

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Quorum Analytics Announces Partnership with Leidos

I found this story on DC. Political data startup Quorum Analytics announced on Monday that it has partnered with Leidos, a leading Capitol Hill IT vendor, to increase its presence in the offices of our legislators here in D.C. and around the country. Here’s the Tweet announcing the partnership:...