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TensorFlow in Medicine – Retinal Imaging

Diabetic retinopathy is the fastest growing cause of blindness. Lily Peng describes how TensorFlow was trained to analyze retinal fundus images to diagnose this condition. In the video below, she describes the project steps: from acquiring a dataset, training a deep network, and evaluating of the results.

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When the Robots Take All the Jobs

What will happen when the Jobocalypse (aka when AI takes over all the jobs) happens? How will societies adapt? How will economies function? Will governments be able to tax the output of virtual laborers? We are headed into some interesting, if not dangerous, unprecedented waters.  Buckle up, it’s about to...

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Deep Learning in the Browser

Think that deep learning and neural networks can only happen in sophisticated environments or in some weird virtual petri dish in the cloud? Think again and watch Christoph Koerner talk about running all kinds of neural networks in your browser with Jaavascript with ConvNetJS. ConvNetJS is a JavaScript library for...