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Gateway Tablet PC Review

Two colleagues of mine both bought Gateway Tablet PCs and, while I've had issues with Gateway's computers in the past, these machines seem pretty solid.

So solid, in fact, I may have to switch my typical recommendation for the Toshiba Portege M200 to Gateway's line of tablets.

First of all, Gateway seems to be the first hardware maker to “get” the Tablet PC and how to market it.  It's all about convincing the masses that Tablet PCs are more mobile than the average laptop and more powerful than any PDA.

Their commercials manage to just that: showing all of what a convertible Tablet can do.  Their website is even more clever, using a Flash animation to simulate what it's like draw ink on the screen.

The site includes a good overview demo animation that will make just about anyone curious about the Tablet PC.

Bill Gates with Gateway Convertible Notebook

They also point out the Tablet PC's most fervent supporter: Bill Gates himself.  I suppose I would be the Tablet PC's second most fervent supporter. ;)

In addition to the brilliant marketing, they've also packed it with a lot of features for a quite reasonable amount of money, The widescreen display is by far my favorite.  There's something about a widescreen laptop that makes it easier on the eyes.  Outlook 2003 also seems to look best on a wider screen.

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