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  • John Papa on DotNetRocks

    Tags: Silverlight, John Papa, Microsoft, WPF, XAML, DotNetRocks

    Carl and Richard have John Papa over to discuss XAML, Silverlight, and the landscap of Microsoft technologies. [download MP3] Carl and Richard talk to John Papa about his views on the client development landscape. John has recently left Microsoft where he was a Silverlight and Windows 8 evangelist. …

  • XAML and Windows 8 Development

    Tags: XAML, Windows 8, Tim Heuer, Microsoft

    In this video interview on Channel9, Jerry Nixon talks to Tim Heuer and they discuss all things XAML for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, plus new features in XAML and Visual Studio 2012 as well as “Project Callisto” I should get Tim on Frank’s World TV.

  • Let it Snow in XAML

    Tags: XAML, Windows 8, How To, Snow, Fun, Code

    In honor of the two back to back snow storms here in DC, I thought this post was well timed. Fellow technology evangelist, Jerry Nixon, has a blog post showing you how to make it snow in your WIndows 8 App. Best of all, you don’t have to shovel this kind of snow.