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  • Steve Sinofsky on Windows 8 at D9

    Tags: D9, Windows, Windows 8, Microsoft

    This may be a little old, but here’s Steve Sinofsky’s entire interview from D9, the first public demo of Windows 8. From the D9 website: Sinofsky unveiled Windows 8 at the D9 conference earlier this month. Here’s the full video of his appearance, including his demo of the upcoming OS, as well as …

  • Steven Sinofsky Starts Blogging About Windows 8

    Tags: Windows 8, Microsoft, Build

    Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows Division, has started blogging about Windows 8. From the first post in the new blog: [emphasis added] Reimagining Windows from chips to experience Windows 8 reimagines Windows. That's a big statement and one that we will return to throughout this blog. It …

  • Headed to Build

    Tags: Build, Windows 8

    This week //Build is taking place in Anaheim, CA for what is sure to be a revealing look at the future of Microsoft technologies. I’m really looking forward to it!

  • Certification Requirements for Windows 8 Apps

    Tags: Windows 8, Apps, Windows

    Microsoft has published the certification requirements for Windows apps along with the App Developer Agreement. From the certification page: [emphasis added] Thank you for your interest in developing Metro style apps for Windows. We’re committed to a relationship with you that supports your …

  • Four Microsoft Technologies That Could Impact Government

    Tags: Public Sector, Windows 8

    Government Technology has a great article on four technologies that could impact government. Here are the four technologies highlighted: Touch-based Windows 8. Kinect for PC. Cloud for election technology and information. Hybrid cloud strategy to meet agency needs. As an added bonus for my ego, …

  • How to Install Windows 8 in Seven Simple Steps

    Tags: Windows 8, Fun, Geek

    Have you heard about the Consumer Preview of Windows 8? Would you like to play around with it? Then Saluto has a site for you. Taking it’s cue from cooking websites, this page walks you through installing Windows 8 as if you were preparing a tasty dish. What’s particularly cute, is their metaphor …

  • 30 Windows 8 Consumer Preview Power User Tips

    Tags: Windows 8

    Windows 8 presents a radically different user interface. To help you navigate the new UI, my colleague, Dr Z, has put together a series of tips for power users to help get up to speed.   Switch Between Metro UI and Desktop Mode Switch Between Apps or Snap Apps How to Power Off Your Device Show …

  • Extension Methods in JavaScript

    Tags: Windows 8, Screen Scraper, JavaScript

    One of the nicest features of C# 3.0 and beyond is extension methods. As I port my Screen Scraping Utility Kit to JavaScript, which makes extensive use of the language feature to attach the FindElement and FindElements to string. Creating extension methods is fairly trivial as you can see below. …

  • Visual Studio 11 Power Tip 1 Extension Manager

    Tags: VS11, Windows 8, Metro, VS11 PowerTip

    One of my favorite features of Visual Studio 2010 was the Extensions Manager. If it was your favorite feature, too, then you will be glad to know it’s back. Naturally, it’s has a brand new shiny monochromatic icon and its accessible from the Tools menu. Once the Extension Manager dialog comes up, …

  • My First Metro App

    Tags: Windows 8

    My colleague, Dr Z, has put together a sample app to demonstrate how easy it is to get started with Windows 8 Metro development.

  • Visual Studio 11 Power Tip #2: Getting the Tools

    Tags: VS11, Windows 8, Metro, VS11 PowerTip

    Yesterday, in my enthusiasm for Windows 8 development, I posted a tip about the Extension Manager in Visual Studio 11.

    Let me rewind a bit and detail the process to get started.

    First, browse on over the download site. I’ve even made a short link that’s easy to remember: …

  • Windows 8 Platform Chart

    Tags: Windows 8

    You’ve probably seen this before, but it’s worth keeping around a copy to remind you that every language in Windows 8 is a first class citizen. Bookmark it and have it handy when someone tries to tell you otherwise or debate the false notion that one language is “better.”

  • Visual Studio 11 Power Tip #3: Creating an App

    Tags: VS11, Windows 8, Metro, VS11 PowerTip

    Now that you’ve downloaded the tools for Metro development, you’re ready to start creating apps. Start up Visual Studio 11 and you’ll see a familiar, if monochromatic, interface. Just as in its predecessors, creating a new app is quick and easy. You can either click on “New Project” or use File …

  • Windows 8 App Opportunity

    Tags: Windows 8, Windows Store

    If you’ve not gotten started with Windows 8 Metro app development, start downloading them now while you watch this video. Basically, get started now, so you’ll be ready when the Store is ready.

  • Windows 8 Developer Camps

    Tags: Windows 8, Developer Community, Training

    Now that you’ve learned about the massive opportunity space that is Windows 8, here is a list of free one day training events taking place all around the US. (courtesy of Andrew Duthie) Speaking of Andrew, he and I are doing the two Windows 8 Camps in the DC area: one in Chevy Chase, MD and the …

  • DC Area Windows 8 Camps

    Tags: Windows 8, Developer Community, Training, DC, Windows 8 Camps

    If you’re excited about learning how to write Windows 8 Metro apps, but you want to stick to your side of the “Potomac Ocean,” then have I got good news to you: there’s going to be two Windows 8 Camps in DC.

    That’s right: one in Virginia [info | registration | add to …

  • Upcoming Windows 8 Camps

    Tags: Windows 8, Windows 8 Camps

    If you missed the Windows 8 Camps in DC this week, you can still learn the ropes of Windows 8 at these upcoming camps near you. Location Date Orlando, FL Apr. 11 Tampa , FL Apr. 17 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Apr. 19 Charlotte, NC May 1 Waltham, MA May 22 Atlanta, GA May 23 …