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  • Metro Friday Hackathons in the DC Area

    Tags: Windows 8, Metro, Hackathon, Windows RT, WinRT, Events

    If you’re a developer in the DC metro area working on a Metro style app for Windows 8, then you don’t want to miss these special events.   Metro Friday Hackathons Join us on three Fridays in May for Metro Friday Hackathons. We simply want to provide you with an event where you can sit …

  • Two Useful Toolkit Projects in the Works

    Tags: Win8, Windows 8, WinRT, Screen Scraper, CSV

    Based on the positive reception of the Screen Scraper Utility Kit for Windows Phone, I’ve decided to port it over to WinRT.

    The Windows Runtime version add the ability to read in Definition files written in JSON.


    But Wait! There’s More!

    At recent Windows 8 Hack-a-thons and …

  • Parsing CSV Files in WinRT

    Tags: WinRT, CSV, MSDN

    I am proud to announce that my CSV Parser for Windows RT is now available on MSDN Code Samples. Creating a CSV parser sounds like an easy task, but it’s the developer equivalent to quick sand. CSV stands for Comma Separted Values and, despite the name, the files in this "format" are often not fields …

  • Screen Scraper Utility Kit for WinRT

    Tags: Screen Scraper, Win8, WinRT, Windows 8, Unstructured Data

    Based on the success of the Screen Scraper Utility Kit for WP7, I decided to port the library over to Windows RT. It’s now available on MSDN Code Samples for download.   Technically, speaking this Utility Kit is an example of “Web Scraping, ” but the FindElement and FindElements extension …

  • Building a Better CSV Parser Engine

    Tags: CSV, IoC, Dependency Injection, WinRT, Win8

    Yesterday, I posted the CSV Parse Engine for WinRT to help developers write Windows 8 apps more quickly. [download | blog post] If you’ve had the chance to download the bits,  you may have noticed a few things about the code and had some questions. This post should answer questions the intro …

  • Deep Dive into Native Windows 8 Apps

    Tags: Windows 8, WinRT, AppDev, C++

    The last time I did anything meaningful with C++, I was in college and Kurt Cobain was still alive. So, I appreciate any training materials I can get to brush up on this skill set. C/C++ is a bit like Latin: everyone agrees it’s important, but very few people speak it anymore. In this session from …