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  • Comment Spammers Amuse Me

    Tags: Spam, Blogs, Humor

    Generally, comment spammers are the stink bugs of the internet, but every now and then, they produce unintentional humor. Although not a new problem, comment spammers have returned to Frank’s World.  I’ve fought them off before, but eventually I would just shut down comments, guestbook posts, …

  • Comment Spammers Trying Too Hard

    Tags: Humor, Frank's World, Spam

    Not too long ago, I blogged about the return of comment spammers to Frank’s World. I pointed out how I moderate the comments and most of them get deleted. Apparently, one of them tried extreme flattery. Wow. Just wow. BTW, comment got deleted anyways. Thanks for playing.

  • More Comment Spam Humor

    Tags: Spam, Humor, Frank's World

    Since I’ve been offline for a little while, the comment spam on my blog has built up quite a bit. As usual, the bad posts get deleted. Every once in a while, I get a good laugh at the spammer’s efforts. I honestly don’t see the connection. Do you?