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  • No More Walls: The Screen Scrapers' Manifesto

    Tags: Screen Scraper, Web 2.0

    If you think about it, Web 1.0 was all about walls.

    Everybody had a site and rarely did sites share data or content. That really wasn’t the intent. All you in terms of tooling was hyperlinks.

    Enabling technologies like RSS and AJAX gave rise to the Web 2.0 era and the dynamic changed. …

  • Update to Texts From Last Night WP7 App on the Way

    Tags: TFLN, Screen Scraper

    Yesterday, my Texts From Last Night app for Windows Phone stopped working when the folks at Texts From Last Night changed their HTML.

    I quickly found the problem and submitted a fix.

    If they were trying to deter me, it failed.

    More than likely, it was a design change. They added a new way to …

  • Introducing the Screen Scraping Utility Kit

    Tags: Screen Scraper, MSDN

    Yesterday, I posted the Screen Scraping Utility Toolkit to MSDN. Here’s why you’ll want to take a look at it: You deal with unstructured data. You have legacy data stored in HTML and want to normalize it or put it into objects You want to create an app for a web site and you (or they) don’t have …

  • Extension Methods in JavaScript

    Tags: Windows 8, Screen Scraper, JavaScript

    One of the nicest features of C# 3.0 and beyond is extension methods. As I port my Screen Scraping Utility Kit to JavaScript, which makes extensive use of the language feature to attach the FindElement and FindElements to string. Creating extension methods is fairly trivial as you can see below. …

  • Fiddler Tip: Composer View

    Tags: Fiddler, HTTP, Screen Scraper

    The HTTP(S) traffic sniffing tool Fiddler is a must have for any developer and doubly so for screen scrapers. Here’s one feature that I hadn’t noticed until last week: the Composer tool To access the composer tool, click on the Composer tab on the right side of Fiddler’s main screen. After you …

  • Two Useful Toolkit Projects in the Works

    Tags: Win8, Windows 8, WinRT, Screen Scraper, CSV

    Based on the positive reception of the Screen Scraper Utility Kit for Windows Phone, I’ve decided to port it over to WinRT.

    The Windows Runtime version add the ability to read in Definition files written in JSON.


    But Wait! There’s More!

    At recent Windows 8 Hack-a-thons and …

  • Screen Scraper Utility Kit for WinRT

    Tags: Screen Scraper, Win8, WinRT, Windows 8, Unstructured Data

    Based on the success of the Screen Scraper Utility Kit for WP7, I decided to port the library over to Windows RT. It’s now available on MSDN Code Samples for download.   Technically, speaking this Utility Kit is an example of “Web Scraping, ” but the FindElement and FindElements extension …

  • Is that Lucky

    Tags: Screen Scraper, Funny, Humor

    The Screen Scraper Utility Kit for WinRT has been downloaded 777 times. After surviving 12/21/2012, clearly this is another run of good luck.

  • My MSDN Article on Screen Scraping is Now Published

    Tags: MSDN, Screen Scraper, Public Sector

    Two years after I first published the Screen Scraper’s Manifesto, a more refined version (with more refined tooling) gets published into MSDN Magazine. Mike Desmond explained it best his Editor’s Note: Frank La Vigne addresses the budgetary challenges facing many government entities, as he …