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  • Origins of the Dog

    Tags: Dogs, Science

    According to new research, dogs have their origins in China. Wolves evolved into man’s best friend south of the Yangtze River in what is now China, according to a new study. These findings, which contradict a 2010 paper suggesting that wolves became dogs in the Middle East, represent the latest …

  • First 1 Trillion Frames Per Second Camera

    Tags: Science, Cool, Gadgets

    The MIT Media Lab has developed the world’s first camera capable of capturing one trillion frames per second. Yes, you read that right: one trillion fps, a speed that allows the camera to track light particles as they move through the air. Now that’s fast. Just watch the video.   [found via …

  • Seeing around Corners in Ten Billionths of a Second

    Tags: Science, Cool

    In this video from TED, Ramesh Raskar demonstrates his research: a camera that can shoot 10 billion frames per second. Think about that for a second – it’s a speed to fast, you can observe light in motion. Watch the video, especially the part around 4:59 where that scene in Blade Runner seems a …

  • How SkyNet Started

    Tags: Robots, Humor, Science

    Very cool video about spatially targeted communications, robots, and self assembling systems. Fascinatingly simple approach to a complex problem. I like the idea that any robot equipped with a camera and LED light can take part in such a communication scheme. [found via TechChrunch]

  • Scale of the Universe

    Tags: Science, Universe, Amazing, Data Visualization

    It’s Monday morning and to put things into perspective, check out the Scale of the Universe, an interactive tool to explain how things scale up and scale down. Here’s a brain-rebooter for this fine Monday AM: As Keanu Reeves once said, “Woah”

  • Where No Probe Has Gone Before

    Tags: Science, Space, Cool, NASA

    Voyager 1 has hit a new and unexpected region of space as it leaves the Solar System and heads into interstellar space. From the article: Scientists refer to this new region as a magnetic highway for charged particles because our sun's magnetic field lines are connected to interstellar magnetic …

  • The GPS System Time and Einstein

    Tags: Science, GPS, Geospatial

    It turns out that the onboard clocks on the GPS satellites have to be slowed down so that they appear to run accurately from the surface of the earth. Why? Due to relativity, gravity and motion. Watch the video. Very interesting.

  • Warp Drive in the Works

    Tags: Science, Space, Space Travel, Cool, Warp

    Scientists at NASA are working on a warp drive that can bend space in such a way to propel a ship up faster than the speed of light: ten times the speed of light! Moreover, this technology is not as far off as you’d think. From the article, "Perhaps a Star Trek experience within our lifetime is …

  • Archeology from Space

    Tags: Archeology, Space, TED, Science, Geospatial, Open Data

    In this TED talk by Sarah Parcak, she talks about integrating satellite imagery in archeology. Using this technology, archeologists found a city lost for thousands of years. It’s interesting to note how they used topology data from NASA. What else is out there?

  • Happy Birthday Einstein

    Tags: Science, Math, STEM, Inspiration, Biography

    Not only is it Pi Day (3/14), it’s also Einstein’s birthday. Check out this documentary on his life. His professors thought he was a goof off and he thought himself a loser. He contemplated leaving science to sell insurance. Imagine that.

  • A Thought Controlled Helicopter

    Tags: Science, Engineering, Gadgets, Future, NUI

    Researchers at the University of Minnesota have been able to control a small helicopter using only the thoughts in their minds. [Watch video]   Best of all, it’s completely non-invasive. So there won’t be the need to a Matrix style implant at the base of your skull.