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  • TechFair 2011 DC

    Tags: Microsoft, Microsoft Research, Cool

    Today, I was at the Microsoft Office in DC for TechFair 2011, which showcases some of the work being done at Microsoft Research. By far, the coolest demo was the Worldwide Telescope and what the team has done in regards to visualizing earthquake sensor data. The hope is by improving visualization of …

  • Steve Sinofsky on Windows 8 at D9

    Tags: D9, Windows, Windows 8, Microsoft

    This may be a little old, but here’s Steve Sinofsky’s entire interview from D9, the first public demo of Windows 8. From the D9 website: Sinofsky unveiled Windows 8 at the D9 conference earlier this month. Here’s the full video of his appearance, including his demo of the upcoming OS, as well as …

  • New Year's in July?

    Tags: Microsoft

    Today is July 1st and, within Microsoft, the first day of the new fiscal year.

    In the 80s, there was an electronics retailer called Crazy Eddie’s, who would often have “Christmas in July” sales.

    Crazy Eddie’s was known for it’s wacky commercials, which may have …

  • What Exactly is Office365?

    Tags: Cloud, Office365, Office, Microsoft, Channel9

    Channel9 stars Laura and Tina demonstrating how a small business would use Office365. As an added bonus there are plenty of canine cameos throughout. So what is Office 365 and how can it help your small business? This Office Show answers those questions with a special two-part episode, wherein our …

  • WPC 11 Day 1 Keynote Now Available On Demand

    Tags: Microsoft, WPC11, Conference, Keynote

    Today’s keynote from the first day of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is available on demand. The keynote has some interesting discussion on Microsoft’s strategy on cloud computing, partner relationships, and a glimpse into what Windows 8 will have to offer. Speaking of Windows 8, notice …

  • RX Launches!

    Tags: RX, Channel9, Microsoft, Geek

    This news is a few weeks old, but it’s important enough to blog about anyways. Reactive Extensions (RX) version 1.0 has finally launched! You've learned a lot about Rx (Reactive Extensions) on C9 over the years. You've seen Rx go from incubation stage to DevLabs project to having a happy home on …

  • Steven Sinofsky Starts Blogging About Windows 8

    Tags: Windows 8, Microsoft, Build

    Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows Division, has started blogging about Windows 8. From the first post in the new blog: [emphasis added] Reimagining Windows from chips to experience Windows 8 reimagines Windows. That's a big statement and one that we will return to throughout this blog. It …

  • 4 Easy to Remember Links

    Tags: Microsoft, Azure, Windows Phone, WebMatrix, Developers

    Have you ever found yourself in polite conversation and of how to start developing in a certain technology comes up? Or Have you ever wanted to share SDK downloads without having remember cumbersome URLs? I have* and that’s why I created easy to remember, copyable, pasteable, and shareable URLs to …

  • Microsoft Store Opening Events

    Tags: Microsoft Store, Microsoft

    The Northeast is finally getting a Microsoft Store this week and it’s going to be right in our backyard in Tysons Corner. Here’s the schedule of event for the opening weekend:   Special performance by Joe Jonas Grand Opening weekend The Microsoft Store will change the way you shop for PCs, …

  • Behind the Scenes at the CES Microsoft Booth

    Tags: CES, CES2012, Microsoft

    Microsoft’s got a large booth at CES, and by large, I mean gigantic. The booth occupies nearly an acre of convention floor space and it’s filled with some of the hottest tech around. Full coverage on Microsoft’s Facebook page.

  • John Papa on DotNetRocks

    Tags: Silverlight, John Papa, Microsoft, WPF, XAML, DotNetRocks

    Carl and Richard have John Papa over to discuss XAML, Silverlight, and the landscap of Microsoft technologies. [download MP3] Carl and Richard talk to John Papa about his views on the client development landscape. John has recently left Microsoft where he was a Silverlight and Windows 8 evangelist. …

  • Celebrating One Year at Microsoft

    Tags: Frank's World, Microsoft, Geek Pride

    Today marks my one year anniversary at Microsoft! It’s also Pi Day, so I have two reasons to celebrate. I’ve got to say I’ve really enjoyed my first year at Microsoft and working with Public Sector customers, who have some very interesting and challenging IT problems to solve. I’m looking forward to …

  • Keep Your SkyDrive Space

    Tags: SkyDrive, Cloud, Microsoft

    In case you haven’t heard, SkyDrive’s free storage limit is changing to 7GB from the current 25GB. If you’re already using SkyDrive, you can keep your 25GB, but only if you claim the loyalty reward. 1. Go to 2. Login to your Hotmail or Live account 3. You’ll see the following …

  • New How Do I Series on Channel9 for Windows 8 Metro Dev

    Tags: Windows 8, Metro, Channel9, Microsoft

    Channel9 has just launched a new series of screencasts designed to help you write Windows Metro style apps. It’s called “HDI,” short for “How Do I?” and it’s got some great content. I’ve signed up to do a few of these videos, so expect to see mine up there soon. In the meantime, download the SDK and …

  • Useful Links

    Tags: Reference, Microsoft

    Here is a list of links of all the tools, platforms, and contests that Microsoft is currently running. They are all shrunk down nicely with   Link Short URL Azure 90 Day Trial Win 8: VS Express 2012 RC for Win8 & Win8 RP DL …