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  • Special Channel9 Live Kinect Event

    Tags: Kinect, Channel9

    Tomorrow, June 16, there will be a special Kinect focused event broadcast live from the Channel 9 Studios at 9:30AM PST. @ch9Microsoft Channel 9 Join Us Tomorrow For A Special Channel 9 Live Kinect Event 6 hours agovia So tomorrow, stop what you’re doing and head to …

  • Links for Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Refresh

    Tags: Kinect, Kinect SDK

    Yesterday, the Kinect for Windows SDK was released to a refresh to the beta. Here’s a list of links and resources to quickly get up to speed. Release announcement: Blog post: …

  • The Kinect Effect

    Tags: Kinect, Kinect SDK, NUI

    Here’s a very cool video demonstrating the awesome things people have done with Kinect and how a whole new community of enthusiasts is directing the future of NUI.

  • Kinect in the Arcade

    Tags: Kinect

    When I was in Orlando for the NGB conference, we stayed just off Disney property.  While walking through the arcade, I noticed a very cool site: Kinect. Obviously, this is a home brew solution, but I can easily see Kinect becoming popular in these kinds of scenarios as well. Very clever.

  • Another Use for Kinect

    Tags: Kinect, Fun, Technology

    You may have heard about surgeons use Kinect in the operating room to avoid touching a mouse & keyboard when looking at MRI/CT imagery.  This helps to avoid having to re-scrub since they don’t actually touch anything. Well, this is useful for the home, too. While helping to make …

  • How to Upgrade Kinect Applications to SDK Beta 2.

    Tags: Kinect, Kinect SDK

    Beta 2 of the Kinect SDK was recently released. As with any beta SDK, changes are inevitable. Fortunately, Michael Crump has come up with a quick tutorial on what it takes to update your projects. [found via Pete Brown]

  • Hotel Room of the Future

    Tags: Kinect, Travel, Hotels, Hospitality, NUI, Cool, Future

    Microsoft has teamed up with Novotel to create a concept of “the hotel room of the future.” Sounds like a good excuse to go back to Paris. Tech giant Microsoft has teamed up with Novotel to unveil the ‘hotel room of the future’ equipped with the latest technology and gadgets. Room 3120 at the …