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  • HTML5 Video Tutorials

    Tags: HTML5, Training

    Fellow Microsoft DE, J. Michael Palermo IV, has posted a bunch of HTML5 WebCamp videos. Great stuff! Intro to HTML5 Introduction and overview of HTML5 technologies. Practical HTML5 How to develop HTML5 in the real world. HTML5 & CSS3 Combining HTML5 with CSS3 techniques. Audio, Video, …

  • Explore WebMatrix

    Tags: Web, WebMatrix, Photochopping, HTML5

    Want to build a website and don’t know where to start? Then take a look at WebMatrix:  a free web development tool that includes everything you need for website development. You can start from open source web applications, built-in web templates or just start writing code yourself. It’s an …

  • HTML5 or Silverlight

    Tags: HTML5, Silverlight, RIA

    An interesting and even fair look at Silverlight and HTML5 that compares and contrasts the two platforms by Matt Casto. HTML5 vs Silverlight View more presentations from Matt Casto

  • Creating a Visual Library of Images with the HTML5 Canvas

    Tags: HTML5

    Code Project has a great article on creating a visual library of images (similar to DeepZoom) in HTML5. Check out the demo, which uses images of cards from Magic the Gathering cards collection. (No, I don’t play it. ) While I do love Silverlight, this approach works on any platform that supports …

  • State of HTML 5 Infographic

    Tags: HTML5, Infographics

    I love infographics and I’m starting to like HTML5. So, to start off the week in the right frame of mind: here’s a mixture of the two. By the way, the HTML5 spec will be “finished” in 2022. However, the termed “finished” can mean just about anything.  In this case, it refers to when the W3C …

  • Web Developers Behaving Badly

    Tags: Web, HTML5, HTML, Bad, Telnet

    You’d think in today’s HTML5 centric world, there’d be no more need for browser elitism. With tools like Monderizr, developers test for feature sets and compliance to the HTML5 standard. Frameworks like jQuery have also lessened the burden of cross browser support. Apparently, that old “This Site …

  • Creating HTML5 Windows 8 Apps with Blend

    Tags: HTML5, Windows 8, Video, Training

    SitePoint’s HTML5 Developer Center has a great link to seven videos that walk you through creating an HTML5 Windows 8 App with Blend. Fellow Developer Evangelist Dr. Doris Chen leads you through all the videos. If you liked these videos, be sure to sign up at 30 to Launch, where you can opt in to …