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  • Bad Information or Bad Subtitles

    Tags: Funny, Humor

    According to the description on YouTube, the person speaking in this video is of a “former IT [income tax] commissioner.” I certainly hope that this is a hoax or the subtitles are wrong: his definition of Cloud Computing involves rain and cell phone batteries have memory inside them.

  • Azure Day Spa

    Tags: Azure, Cloud, Geek, Funny

    Where do coders go after a long day of coding for the cloud? The Azure spa, of course! I saw this place near where the CapArea.NET Silverlight SIG meets in Arlington.

  • With a Name Like Frankies It Has to Be Good

    Tags: Frank's World, Funny

    When I arrived at my hotel for the SC-GMIS Developer Summit, I saw a travel brochure for a nicely named establishment: Frankie’s Fun Park. With a name like Frankie’s, it’s has to be good. So, on my way back to the airport, I stopped in to check the place out and pick up some “Frankie’s swag.” After …

  • Is that Lucky

    Tags: Screen Scraper, Funny, Humor

    The Screen Scraper Utility Kit for WinRT has been downloaded 777 times. After surviving 12/21/2012, clearly this is another run of good luck.

  • Vegas

    Tags: Travel, Las Vegas, Funny

    Sometimes a picture from is worth a 1000 words: I’m in Las Vegas this week for a work related event. The dogs didn’t come with me, much to their chagrin – I’m sure they’d love the all you can eat buffets. I flew Virgin Atlantic and I wasn’t sure if I was on an airplane or a dance …

  • Dog Uses the Surface

    Tags: FWTV, Dogs, Surface, Funny

    Everyone in my house loves using the Surface. Write apps your dog will want to use.  Sign up at 

  • Caring About Tacos

    Tags: Humor, Taco Bell, Meme, Viral, Funny

    Ahh, the internet age, where a viral photo can spark outrage and a public relations nightmare in mere hours. To add insult to injury, even search engine results seem to mock you. Maybe he was raised by a pack of wild dogs and he really does care about those tacos.

  • FWTV Holiday Special

    Tags: FWTV, Christmas, Funny

    Time travel,  talking dogs and drones: it could only be the Frank’s World TV Holiday Special:   No singing though, we got that one over the Star Wars Holiday Special.