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  • ESPN Geography Fail

    Tags: Humor, Fail

    Apparently, the folks at ESPN couldn’t find Wisconsin on a map. Granted, it’s on the same part of the country, but with the wide availability of internet access and Wikipedia, they could do some basic fact checking.

  • Elmo is Stingy with Soda Refills

    Tags: Sesame Street, RFID, Fail, Sesame Place, Elmo, Kids

    This past weekend, I took the family to Sesame Place. While theme parks are not known for their fine cuisine at reasonable prices, I was stunned to learn that there’s a new game afoot: soda cups with RFID tags attached. That’s unexpected. Unlimited refills on drinks is one of the last bargains at …

  • Most Annoying Thing about Twitter

    Tags: Twitter, Fail, Annoying, Social Media

    Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of this error message. Twitter has posted a list of reasons why they do this, citing performance among other things. Unfortunately, they chose to limit functionality rather than optimize their systems. I’d call that a Fail.

  • When Twitter Ads Backfire

    Tags: Navy Yard Shooting, Twitter, Social Media, Advertising, Fail

    This morning, most of the DC area is following the unfortunate events at the Navy Yard. Like many people these days, I checked social media sites to get up to the minute information. I was treated to this poorly placed ad by Dove. #Fail.   This is probably more a function of Twitter’s ad …

  • The Two Most Annoying Dialog Boxes in the World

    Tags: Dreamweaver, UX, Fail

    Normally, I like the way Adobe products handle user experience. However, today I was reminded that even the best companies make the worst mistakes. In the middle of trying to scrub some raw HTML data, I had the idea of copying and pasting it from the browser to Dreamweaver to get at the source HTML. …