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  • What Exactly is Office365?

    Tags: Cloud, Office365, Office, Microsoft, Channel9

    Channel9 stars Laura and Tina demonstrating how a small business would use Office365. As an added bonus there are plenty of canine cameos throughout. So what is Office 365 and how can it help your small business? This Office Show answers those questions with a special two-part episode, wherein our …

  • Azure Day Spa

    Tags: Azure, Cloud, Geek, Funny

    Where do coders go after a long day of coding for the cloud? The Azure spa, of course! I saw this place near where the CapArea.NET Silverlight SIG meets in Arlington.

  • A Cloud Based Model for the Federal Workforce

    Tags: Public Sector, Cloud, Federal

    Federal News Radio has an interesting article on FedCloud: a staffing model for Federal employees based on cloud computing concepts.

    From the article:

    Imagine a future federal workforce that includes a group of "free agents" — feds who are ready at a moment's notice to help across …

  • Developing iPhone and iPad Apps that Leverage Windows Azure

    Tags: Azure, Case Study, Cloud, iOS, MIX11

    Here’s a great presentation from MIX11 on Developing iPhone and iPad Apps that use Windows Azure. You are building apps for the iPhone/iPad, yet you remain curious about what the cloud can offer. Is it possible to deploy scalable, mobile Web applications on Windows Azure? How about storing data in …

  • New Windows Azure SDK and Tools with Scott Guthrie

    Tags: Azure, Cloud, ScottGu, AzureSDK

    The latest episode of Cloud Cover has ScottGu as the special guest talking about the recent updates to the AzureSDK. Want to play along, you can try Azure free for 90 days.   In this episode, Steve and Wade are joined by Scott Guthrie—Corporate Vice President at Microsoft—who walks them …

  • Learn Azure Event Today

    Tags: Azure, Cloud, ScottGu

    Clear your calendar today, the Learn Azure Event is today! [add to calendar | register free ] Here’s the agenda for the event. All times are Pacific time. For East Coasters like me, this will be a busy afternoon.   9:00 10:30a Getting Started with Windows Azure Learn how to get started …

  • Keep Your SkyDrive Space

    Tags: SkyDrive, Cloud, Microsoft

    In case you haven’t heard, SkyDrive’s free storage limit is changing to 7GB from the current 25GB. If you’re already using SkyDrive, you can keep your 25GB, but only if you claim the loyalty reward. 1. Go to 2. Login to your Hotmail or Live account 3. You’ll see the following …

  • Cheapskates Rejoice

    Tags: OneDrive, Free, Online, Cloud

    Looks like someone is cashing in by making it easier to connect all the free online storage offers out there. I wonder how many Terms of Service agreements this breaks.