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  • Public Sector Apps for Windows Phone 7

    Tags: Windows Phone, Apps, Public Sector, Gaucho Gear

    Curious as to how Windows Phone 7 applies to the public sector? Well, wonder now more: here’s a list of all the Public Sector Apps for Windows Phone 7 on the Marketplace. Apps are further broken down into categories: Education State & Local Government Federal Health and Life Sciences Much to …

  • Certification Requirements for Windows 8 Apps

    Tags: Windows 8, Apps, Windows

    Microsoft has published the certification requirements for Windows apps along with the App Developer Agreement. From the certification page: [emphasis added] Thank you for your interest in developing Metro style apps for Windows. We’re committed to a relationship with you that supports your …

  • Small Business App Ecosystem

    Tags: Apps, Business, Mobile, Infographics

    All the buzz around the app economy so far has been focused on consumer facing apps. Here’s a thought provoking look at the app economy from the point of view of small businesses in the form of an infographic.   [found via AllTop]

  • Hey I Know That App

    Tags: Windows 8, Public Sector, Apps, Windows Store, Mary Jo Foley

    Congrats to local DC developer Scott Lock for his app being singled out on Mary Jo Foley’s blog: Granted, she didn’t write about the app. But it’s a screen shot of a public sector application and local smart guy, so it’s all good.

  • Announcing the Apptivate Contest

    Tags: Aptivate, Apps, Windows 8, Windows Store

    Apptivate is an international app building competition where developers can submit their app and get feedback from other developers. Developers can also review other apps and ask & answer questions on Stack Overflow. Participants have a chance to win big: up to $5000 big.   This is …

  • Top 10 Windows 8 Secrets for App Success

    Tags: Windows 8, Win8, Apps, AppDev, GenApp, DevHammer

    Here’s a great video with Andrew Duthie and Chris Bowen sharing their Top 10 Windows 8 secrets for App success. The two also discuss the incredible money making opportunities available for developers who jump in and develop applications for Windows 8 as well as what free tools and services are …

  • Tips to Get Your Windows Apps Certified Quickly

    Tags: Windows 8, Windows Store, Apps, AppDev

    The Windows Store team has written a great post about getting your apps through certification quickly. Here’s a summary: Publish a Privacy Policy When Required Submit valuable apps Submit complete apps and avoid misleading descriptions Properly localize the app submission Read the post for more …

  • Get Ready to Rumble Radar

    Tags: Windows 8, Windows RT, AppDev, Apps

    Local developer genius and user group speaker, Roberto Hernandez has just released his first Windows 8 Store app: Rumble Radar. Rumble Radar uses an open government data feed from the United States Geological Survey and a great example of using free data sources in your applications. Read more …

  • FWTV Episode 3.5: Snow is a Four Letter Word

    Tags: FWTV, DC, Sequestration, Apps, Windows 8

    Shot live at the Microsoft Store in Pentagon City.

    Show Notes:

    DC Snow Wimps

    Making Money from Windows 8 Apps

    Build Apps …

  • How to Encrypt Settings in Windows 8 Apps

    Tags: Windows 8, Security, Encryption, AppDev, Apps, Code, How To

    As you’re writing Windows 8 apps,  you’ll no doubt want to preserve your users’ preferences. There’s a very fine API in WinRT to store user settings locally on the machine or roam across devices that follows the user around. Most of the time, settings contains fairly benign information and are …

  • Great Education Apps for Windows 8 Doge Meme

    Tags: Education, Apps, Windows 8, Doge, Meme

    There’s a new meme in town and, since my dog (doge?) is part Shibu Inu, it seemed only fitting he had his own meme. I decided to show his internal dialogue after telling him about some of the latest fun and educational apps new to the Windows 8 app store.   Stack the States …

  • Barking About Apps

    Tags: FWTV, Apps, Windows 8

    Fresh from her appearance in the Frank’s World TV Holiday Special, my dog reviews some new apps in the Windows Store that strike her fancy.

  • My Latest Windows 8 App Boston Traffic Cams

    Tags: Win8, AppDev, Apps, Boston, Startups, Open Data, Open Gov

    To commemorate the opening of District Hall in Boston and to show off the Perceptive Pixel there, I created the Boston Traffic Cam app for Windows 8. It leverages all the work done by Massachusetts to open their government data, including images from traffic cameras in and around Boston. The app …