If my previous post on debugging in TensorBoard piqued your interest, then watch this demo of the TensorFlow Debugger for a deeper look.

If you missed the post, the TensorFlow Debugger is an interactive web GUI for controlling the execution of TensorFlow models, setting breakpoints, stepping through graph nodes, watching tensors flow in real-time, and pinpointing problems down to the tiniest NaN.

This now comes included with TensorBoard via its open plugin API.


The Windows Community Toolkit is a collection of helper functions, custom controls, and app services.

In this video, Senior Program Manager Nikola Metulev (@metulev) comes on the show to give us a walk through some of the useful tools inside of the toolkit

  • [01:19] – Getting started with the Windows Community Toolkit
  • [02:10] – Exploring the controls
  • [04:25] – A look at the WebView control
  • [06:28] – New controls for UWP
  • [07:14] – The Animation APIs
  • [13:27] – Microsoft Graph controls
  • [15:18] – Services provided in the toolkit
  • [19:58] – Getting started resources


Ready to learn a bit about Kubernetes? If you’re like us, you’ve been wondering what this whole “container orchestration” thing is all about. This week, Jonathan Creamer returns to share Five Things that Kubernetes can do for you. Also, Burke foolishly gives away his credit card, Jonathan drinks coffee and the wrong guest makes a surprise appearance.

Nicole Berdy joins Olivier on the IoT Show to demonstrate how the Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service can be used to implement zero-touch provisioning of (a lot of) IoT devices.

Learn more on Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service: https://aka.ms/iotschool/dps