Aviad Harell’s Insights on Tech, AI, and Venture Capital

In this exciting episode, Frank La Vigne and Andy Leonard sit down with Aviad Harell, managing partner at Team 8, to explore the transformative power of technology in today’s business landscape.

Aviad shares his mission to eliminate day-to-day bureaucracy and leverages technology to automate processes, drawing from his vast experience in the tech industry. Beyond business, Aviad reveals his passion for traveling in South America and his book recommendation, “The Mom Test,” which acts as a guide for proper idea validation.

As the conversation unfolds, we explore how venture capital has evolved from a hobby to a disciplined, professional field, much like the maturity models in software development. Aviad details Team 8’s innovative approach to venture capital, partnering with founders early in their journey, sometimes before even fully forming ideas. This unique model includes building a robust support system of 85 professionals to ensure the success of the startups they invest in.

Discover the importance of critical thinking, loving the problem more than the solution, and the journey from idea to execution.

Hear Aviad’s insights on why execution is more crucial than the original idea and his belief in adaptability, quoting the famous military adage, “No idea survives contact with reality.”


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