Day: June 8, 2024

AI Economics of AI

Is AI A Bubble?

KnowledgeHusk asks the question many have been asking for a few months now: Is AI a bubble?

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AI Generative AI

AI Music Is Getting VERY Good. Should Musicians Be Worried? | v011

David Foster weighs in on AI generated music. I’ve been playing a lot with, and it’s a ton of fun, but it’s getting SO good. I played a song I created using it in the middle of the vlog. Let me know what you think.

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Unhinged ransomware attack targets hospitals

This video is from Fireship. A ransomware attack recently targeted hospitals in London. Let’s take a look at the impact of this cyberattack and the potential hackers involved.

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AI Large Language Models Red Hat

Effortlessly Install IBM Granite 3B Code with LLM: Your All-In-One Guide

This video is from Fahd Mirza. This video shows how to install Granite Code LLM. IBM has introduced the Granite series of decoder-only code models for code generative tasks (e.g., fixing bugs, explaining code, documenting code), trained with code written in 116 programming languages.

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How To Build a $20,000 3D Website (No Code + AI)

This video is from WeAreNoCode – Learn No-Code!.

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Microsoft Open Source

From Closed to Open: Building and Running MS-DOS with Ease

Microsoft has released the code to MS-DOS 4.00 on GitHub; Dave’s Garage takes you a tour of the code, builds it, and runs it on original hardware.

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AI Machine Learning Neural Networks

xLSTM: The Sequel To The Legendary LSTM

The LSTM sequel by Sepp Hochreiter is finally here, surpassing its own self by 300x and even Mamba architectures. This innovative architecture blends Scalar and Matrix LSTMs, offering a great performance increase in benchmarks and language modeling tasks. This video is from bycloud.

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Interesting Privacy Security

How the FBI Tried to Wire Tap the World: Darknet Diaries

This video is from Jack Rhysider. A special phone, made from top-to-bottom with privacy, hidden apps and encryption to protect your data from prying eyes. Sounds great, right? There’s only one problem: It has a secret back door that funnels everything you do to law enforcement. Privacy journalist Joseph Cox shares the complicated story of […]

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