Day: May 20, 2024

Quantum Computing

Quantum Programming: Classiq + Wolfram

The academic innovation support team hosts a discussion about building higher level functionality for solving problems with quantum algorithms. Developers from Classiq will discuss application areas and how to use Qmod for abstracting quantum algorithms.

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Big Data Data Microsoft

What’s new in SSMS 20 and what’s next in version 21

In this video, review the major changes in SSMS 20, and talk about the roadmap and next release.

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What is Web Crawling? | Proxies & Web Scraping Explained

This video is from Smartproxy. Welcome to Proxies & Web Scraping Explained. In this video series, we’ll briefly cover everything you need to know about proxies, automation, and web data collection. Today’s question is:

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How Infrared Light Could REVERSE Dementia

This video is from Reverse Aging Revolution. Dr Paul Chazot is working on a ground-breaking infrared light therapy that has the potential to help people with dementia, involving a specially adapted medical device that delivers infrared light deep into the brain, triggering nerve cell repair and increasing blood flow to the brain. Dr Chazot is […]

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

The NEW ChatGPT is HERE! ChatGPT-4o Let’s Test Its Coding Abilities

In this video, Tiff In Tech will put the highly anticipated ChatGPT-4o through the test, exploring how it handles various coding challenges and comparing its performance to its predecessor. I wanted how well it could turn a screenshot into functioning code.. it was pretty surprising the results! Whether you’re a seasoned developer, an AI enthusiast, […]

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Privacy Windows

What information does Windows Actually collect?

What is Windows 11 Actually collecting? Eric Parker explores

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AI Generative AI

Why Does Diffusion Work Better than Auto-Regression?

This video is from Algorithmic Simplicity. Have you ever wondered how generative AI actually works? Well the short answer is, in exactly the same as way as regular AI! In this video I break down the state of the art in generative AI – Auto-regressors and Denoising Diffusion models – and explain how this seemingly […]

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